ircII project

What is ircII ?

ircII is an IRC and ICB client that runs under most UNIX platforms. It comes in source form and is completely free of any charges or fees. The ircII project is a group of people who maintain the source code, incorporating fixes and new features.

The current release is ircII 20141122 which is available at the ircII ftp site (see below).

A daily updated snapshot of the ircII tree is also available as ircII-current. See the News section below for more details.

You can subscribe to the ircII mailing lists hosted by the ircII project by sending an email message with the word "subscribe" in it to the addresses below. The ircII-announce list is for announcements about updates to ircII and other news. It is a moderated very low volume list. The ircII-users list is for ircII users to post and discuss problems and ideas. It currently is not moderated and has almost no traffic.

You can fetch ircII from the following places:

You can find out news about ircII from here.

You can find out about reporting bugs and viewing current bugs in ircII from here

This is the Copyright and License that ircII comes with.

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